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The project, including exhibitions, was inspired by the current events related to the virus pandemic - its impact on people's everyday lives and behavior, but above all the limitations it brings. The exhibition is a personal manifesto of presence and compassion, a commentary by a witness to the events.
The theme of the paintings is a symbolic human figure describing human behavior in times of epidemics and threats. In the creative process, I focused on determining the state of mind and body of an individual. In this way, I was looking for "born" qualities. In this way, in my paintings I touched the spectacle of life and death in the social, religious and political aspect. It is a trial of man and the values he represents in times of disaster.

The action is a continuation of the scholarship project "Flags Mrs Flags", referring to the idea of freedom bringing positive energy, which I implemented in 2019 and "Flags of Hope" presented in front of the building of the Municipal Museum in Żory on May 2, 2020.
The project was carried out as part of a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

The honorary patronage was taken by: the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, branch in Kraków, the Silesian Museum in Katowice, Waldemar Socha, the Mayor of Żory,  The City Museum in Żory and the Culture and Art portal. Cooperation with the artistic association "E-artis".

Photo report: Piotr Flaga, Joanna Cyganek, Ewa Pańczyk, Anna Flaga.

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