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Polish wealth

from November 17 to December 20, 2023, Municipal Cultural Center in Pawłowice

7 artists talking about their hometown - Poland. The opening ceremony took place on November 17 at 6 p.m. Authors of the works: Anna Flaga, Ewa Rotter-Płóciennikowa, Alicja Szymczak, Magdalena Pudełko, Wanda Klimczyk, Ania Haka-Otręba, Karolina Błaszczyk.

A topic for conversation

from May 12 to August 30, 2023, Museum in Żory

May 12-August 30, 2023 street Muzealna 1/2, City Museum in Żory, StrefArt gallery

In the StrefArt Gallery in the Municipal Museum in Żory you can see several of my painting works. Title: "Topic for conversation", however, each floor of the exhibition revolves around a different issue: COMPOSITIONS - level 1, STAR EXPEDITIONS - level 2, IT CAN'T BE LIKE THIS - level 3. Welcome. Let's talk.

7 deadly sins

from April 21 to June 21, Museum in Racibórz

opening of the exhibition April 21  2023 hours 18.00 
ul. Gimnazjalna 1, Museum in Racibórz

At the exhibition, I will present a series of paintings-collages on canvas aimed at presenting the seven deadly sins classified in the Christian tradition, defining individual vices: anger, pride, laziness, greed, impurity, intemperance in eating and drinking, and envy. The paintings are part of the doctoral thesis "Prisoner of life - an artist entangled in the dramaturgy of history".

Moods 2

from April 1 to May 27, Montceau-les-Mines, France

opening of the exhibition April 1  2023 hours 18.00 
Galleries Haute L'Embarcadere

The exhibition "Moods 2" consists of paintings mainly from the "Antidotum" series, which were created during the pandemic. Their goal is to bring positive emotions and healing relief in a difficult time. The artist was inspired by music that helped her express emotions and feelings on canvas and apply appropriate formal structures.


Music, as a tool to inspire art, is widely known for its ability to influence our emotions and mood. The artist used this fact to create images that were supposed to bring hope and positive emotions.


The exhibition also includes several works from the "Sins of Humanity" series, which are the opposite of the "Antidotum" series. These paintings deal with difficult topics such as pain, suffering and despair. These works are characterized by expressiveness and deep analysis of difficult and problematic issues. The various means of expression used, such as violent brush marks, paint scabs, sharp colors, high contrasts, expressive interventions in the canvas, emphasize the topics discussed even more intensively.


It is important to recognize that art can have healing powers and that art therapy can be an effective tool in the fight against mental illness and other health problems. The works from the "Antidotum" and "Sins of Humanity" series are intended to draw attention to various aspects of human nature, both positive and negative, and to force reflection.

VIII Christmas Salon 

from December 8, 2022 to January 15, 2023, Palace of Art, Krakow

opening of the exhibition December 8  2022 hours 18.00 
Palace of Art, Plac Szczepański 4


The ZPAP OK Christmas Salon is an annual form of summing up the artistic activity of Krakow artists. This time at the Palace of Art, works made in various techniques are presented by as many as 271 authors.
Apart from painting and sculpture, there will be graphics, drawings, photographs, collages, flat and spatial objects, so the variety of techniques and themes discussed in the works will give the opportunity to get acquainted with a wide spectrum of interests and the multiplicity of artistic creations used by contemporary representatives of the visual arts. In addition to the works of mature artists with extensive and undisputed achievements, there will be works of the younger and youngest generation of art adepts. It is the multigenerational nature of the show and the democratic acceptance of works for the exhibition without the presence of a qualifying jury that are characteristic of our "Salons" and largely fit in with the tradition and intentions of organizing these large, review, group exhibitions. 
(excerpt from a statement by Joanna Warchoł, President of ZPAP OK)

Painting exhibition"Anxiety"

from November 15 to December 13, 2022, ArtNova2 gallery, Katowice

exhibition opening November 15, 2022 17.00 
ZPAP ArtNova Gallery, ul. Dworcowa 13


The exhibition is an award for an honorable mention in the "Image of the Year" competition organized by ZPAP in Katowice, which I received this year.

At the exhibition, I will present "disturbing" paintings that I created in different years. It will be a collection of stories about the dark instincts of man, about the pain of existence and violence. I will show forbidden and unseen images. There will be some eroticism and unbridled lust. I invite.

"Pain of tomorrow" installation

September 23-24  2022, Amphitheater Park Zadole Katowice

September 23-24, 2022
AmfiRock Festival "Against Violence"
Amphitheater Park Zadole Katowice

The theme of the installation is violence - the visible and the hidden. He talks about emotions that relate to the problem of experiencing pain and living with it after an incident that caused an avalanche of torments related to it.

The permanence of this pain leads to weakness, destruction or complete degradation of life.

The installation is carried out in a green space between trees, it consists of several separate works focused on showing suffering, anxiety, obsession, bitterness, pathology, pimping and sexual degeneration.

This group of works is to evoke direct associations and discover what is hidden and confused in the symbolic message.

The installation will be on view during the festival for only two days.

Painting exhibition "Moods"

from September 16 to October 31, 2022, Strefart Gallery, Tychy

opening: September 16, 2022, at 18.00 
KSSE Strefart gallery, Tychy.

The exhibition runs from September 16 to October 31.

The paintings presented at the exhibition come from the "Antidotum" series. Realized during the pandemic, it became a "cure for all evil", medicine and therapy for both me and others.
It arose involuntarily, automatically from the need of the heart and spirit. It confirms the thesis that when it's hard, you need to look for and fill yourself with "positive" things around so as not to go crazy.
The series "Antidotum" consists of oil paintings on canvas in various formats operating on two levels of experience perceived by the senses of sight and touch.
The paintings find their inspiration and historical reference to informel (tachism) referring to European painting of the 1950s, which was characterized by the pursuit of free expression through the use of colorful spots, lines, etc.
Full creative freedom and freedom of inspiration apply here.
The game of stains, lines, contrasts, structures, sophisticated compositions and expressiveness all this introduces us to the world of good moods and positive thoughts.

Exhibition organizer: Galeria Strefart, Tychy

Patronage: Katowice Special Economic Zone

Collaboration: The Municipal Museum in Żory, E-artis Art Association, Infograf

Painting exhibition "7 deadly sins"

September 1-14, 2022, Pryzmat Gallery, Kraków

vernissage: September 1 (Thursday), at 18.00
The exhibition will be on view from September 1 to September 14.
Pryzmat Gallery, Artists' House ul. Lobzowska 3, Krakow

The paintings presented at the exhibition are part of the doctoral thesis "Prisoner of Life - an artist entangled in the dramaturgy of history" which ended with a distinction and the title of Doctor of Arts in 2021 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow at the Faculty of Painting.
The exhibition consists of a series of paintings-collages on canvas aimed at presenting the seven deadly sins classified in the Christian tradition, defining individual vices: anger, pride, laziness, greed, impurity, excess in eating and drinking, and envy. The cycle consists of 7 triptychs, 21 paintings, including one implied. The paintings are the result of theoretical research on the essence of sin and an artistic statement in the field of ethics and human moral values.
This cycle is characterized by experimenting with matter and form (cutting, stitching, adding various elements and creating spatial forms).


Organizer of the exhibition: Association of Polish Artists and Designers, Cracow Branch, Pryzmat Gallery
Patronage: Katowice Special Economic Zone
Collaboration: The Municipal Museum in Żory, E-artis artistic association.

Honorary Award for the painting "Tear"

Interdisciplinary post-competition exhibition. XXX Jubilee Work of the Year. Association of Polish Artists, Katowice District.

June 10 - July 31, 2022, ArtNova2 Gallery, Katowice ul. Dworcowa 13.
Vernissage and awards ceremony June 10, at 17.00.

An honorary award in the form of an individual exhibition for Anna Flaga for the work entitled "Tear". This is a work that takes the form of a traditional image. However, it resigns from many unnecessary attractiveness associated with this form in favor of reducing forms and color to an ambiguous minimum "There is sublimeness in the asceticism of color and matter. It can be associated with a calligraphic sign carved on a surface or even a form wrapped in a cocoon of thread. The basis of each work is always the experience of life. The immaculately white surface has been torn and is being repaired. This is a metaphorical shot. White many issues and things can be a plane. Repair, also metaphorically presented in the fact of stitching, can take place in various ways. The work can be considered in many aspects, not only personal, but also philosophical. The relationship of the dominant black and white complemented by the color of the sewing thread, they can be a narrative about good and evil, or an image can have social references. We live in a time when we see or hear about various facts of injury or wrong that are then repaired. This repair can leave visible marks and scars, which can be learned from the work. However, the message has an optimistic dimension. It expresses the hope that is associated with corrective action. The possibility of abstract consideration of various interpretation variants gives the work a timeless character. It does not declare a clear connection with either the present time or a specific issue or problem. There's a strong emotion in it."

Commentary on my award-winning work "Tear" by Dr. hab. lreneusz Botor prof. University of Silesia, introduction to the exhibition catalogue.

Post-open air exhibition

21st Łaziski Plein-air Painting them. New Year's Eve Majzla Świeradów-Zdrój 2020 and Bieszczady Mountains 2021

Photo report from the vernissage of the exhibition summarizing the 20th and 21st Łaziski Plein-air Painting them. New Year's Eve Majzla Świeradów-Zdrój 2020 and Bieszczady Mountains 2021 at MDK in Łaziska Górne.

During the ceremonial opening of the exhibition, the Mayor of the city distinguishes and awards one outdoor work. This is one of my works "Internal landscape" made in my own technique (fabric) was created as part of the 21st Łaziski Painting Plein-Air. New Year's Eve Majzla Bieszczady 2021. It was awarded in recognition of its special sensitivity and original interpretation of the world presented with the use of unconventional techniques, which translates into work that forces you to stop, reflect and reflect on the beauty that surrounds us.

Flag for Ukraine. Artistic action

City Museum in Żory 2.05.2022

May 2 (Monday), at 12.00

Free entrance

On that day, the artist's flag, referring to current events related to Ukraine, flew in front of the Museum. This time Anna Flaga will respond to this very disturbing situation abroad, she took up the artistic challenge fighting in the name of freedom in her own way.

Your home is where your heart is! 
Lady Flags' flags have their continuation - this time they will be a story about home - both the lost one and the one still looking for. This year, the Artist invites you to create a flag together.
The first days of May are a special time for all Poles. Especially on the second day of the month we celebrate the existence of one of the most important elements that make up our national identity. The white and red flag waving in the wind is to remind us of the values we share as a nation.
Referring to her own name, the Żory artist Anna Flaga is organizing an artistic happening once again, the aim of which is to connect the inhabitants of Żory and to send a message of hope in what seems to be increasingly difficult times. This year, the artist invites all willing residents to co-create the work, especially those who have come to our city quite recently.
Ukrainians arriving in Poland from the end of February are looking not only for a physical shelter from the war, but also for a place that (at least for some time) will replace their own homeland, currently fighting for its freedom and sovereignty on the maps of Europe.
It is on these special days, the first days of the "most beautiful month of the year", that we can show them our support. To remind you that although our nations share a common and often difficult past, the future of each of us depends on joint actions. And that is why we, as Poles - a nation that knows what it's like to not have a place of our own - can show our neighbors that they are welcome with us and that we will do everything so that Poland can replace their own homeland for as long as possible. they need.
The common flag that we will create will not only be an expression of hope with which we look to the future. It will become, in a way, a record of the recent history of our city - a city that has recently slightly increased the number of people living in it. The artist wants the surface of the canvas to be covered with the outlines of larger and smaller, older and younger hands, both Polish and Ukrainian. And in them - the names and names of the cities from which they came, or places important to them. Because the Ukrainians who come to our city are not only "refugees" or "a group of people in need of help", but above all people with specific names, passions and unique skills - Katija, Olya, Igor or Andriy. Each of them has their own story to tell, just like every inhabitant of Żory has its own story; some of us were born in this city, others came here for work or love of life, and over time Żory became a home for them as well. And since we live together, it's worth getting to know each other better, don't you think?

text: Alicja Maciejewska

THE MAGIC OF IMAGINATION. Exhibition of illustrations and graphics

Gallery "Na Starowce" 3.02-15.04.2020, Żory

Vernissage February 3 (Thursday), 7 p.m. 18.00

the exhibition lasts: 3.02-15.04.2022, gallery "Na Starówce", 3 Kościuszki Street in Żory

Free entrance

"Fortunately, somewhere between chance and mystery lies the imagination, the only thing that protects our freedom, despite the fact that people try to limit it or completely destroy it."

Luis Bunuel

(fragment of the introduction to the publication "The Magic of Imagination" - Antonina Zygmunt-Płoskońska).

Co-organizers: Municipal Museum in Żory, Municipal Cultural Center in Żory, Gallery "Na Starówce", Art Association "E artis", City of Żory.
Sponsor: Infograph. Printing and advertising.
Patronage: Katowice Special Economic Zone.
The exhibition will run until April 15.


A conversation about femininity around Anna Flaga's painting exhibition

Meeting on January 20 at 6 pm

"Lunula", an exhibition of paintings at Black Woolf coffee & books

the exhibition lasts: 20.01-20.04.2022, Katowice May 3 25 

A lot has been said and written about femininity, the role of women in society and their autonomy. Anna Flaga takes up the subject of the condition of women in the modern world, using a brush and canvas as a tool for her reflections. Anna Flaga's paintings reveal a complex picture of women's everyday life, and the women presented by the artist express a whole range of emotions, from love, closeness and care to fear, anger and shame.

The exhibition will be combined with an intimate conversation about corporeality, motherhood, the role of women in society and their self-realization.

We invite you on January 20 at 18.00. The meeting will be hosted by Antonina Zygmunt-Płoskońska, the artist's manager.

The patron of the exhibition is the Katowice Special Economic Zone.

Big changes. Has become

Anna Flaga with a Doctor of Arts

I received a diploma with honors at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

After three years of intensive work, the goal has been achieved. In total, seven triptychs (21 paintings) discussing the 7 deadly sins and the doctoral dissertation  entitled "Prisoner of life - an artist entangled in the drama of history" became the area of my artistic and philosophical inquiries. An extensive work on difficult topics related to existence, life, imprisonment, sin and art. I invite you to read the written work, which can be downloaded via the link.

A prisoner of life - an artist entangled in the dramaturgy of history

Promoter prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Bajek, reviewers: prof. dr hab. Jaroslaw Kweclich, prof. dr hab. Jacek Kornacki.

Below is a fragment of the presentation prepared for the graduation ceremony, which, like many other great events, was canceled due to pandemic reasons. Such a reality.

7 Christmas Salon. Collective exhibition

16/12/2021 – 16/01/2022, Palace of Art, Kraków

The ZPAP OK Christmas Salon is an annual form of summing up the artistic activity of Krakow's artists, and this year it also coincides with the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers. This time,  Pałac Sztuki presents 234 paintings, sculptures, graphics and drawings.

The "Art Salons" organized in Europe have a long and rich tradition, originating from the 17th and 19th century French "Salon de Paris". They appeared in Poland thanks to the Society of Friends of Fine Arts and later the Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts. They were a public form of presenting the latest art, its tendencies and directions in which it is heading. They were of great cultural and educational importance - they shaped the recipient's tastes, broadened awareness in viewing contemporary painting and taught to understand its essence. Established in Krakow in 1911, the Association of Polish Artists and Designers quickly instilled the idea of organizing this type of collective shows in Poland.

Each ZPAP OK Christmas Salon is a form of summing up the artistic activity of the District throughout the year. It shows that we still need each other and the existence of an association like ours is very important to many artists. This joint celebration, which takes place at the turn of December and January, closes the calendar year of trade union activity, but at the same time opens another one, filled with new projects, exhibitions, vernissages and artistic life pulsating all the time. (Joanna Warchoł, President of ZPAP OK).

At this year's salon, the artist shows, as well as each of the artists, one work entitled "Makro conversations", a painting from the "Antidotum" series, painted in 2021.

Exhibition photos: Przemysław Witek. 

Vernissage of the collective exhibition. Sculpture Manufactory 2021

09.10 – 10.12.2021, Tichauer Art Gallery, Tychy

On October 9 at 6.00 pm at the Tichauer Art Gallery in Tychy, a vernissage was held, which initiated a two-month artistic project - Manufaktura Rzeźby. The exhibition was presented in the space covering over 1000 m2 of the historic brewhouse of the Civic Brewery in Tychy, both inside and in the courtyard. At the exhibition you can see spatial works of many artists such as: Salvador Dali, Andrzej Dromert, Anna Flaga, Dobiesław Gała, Joanna Knapek, Agnieszka Lipka, Bogusław Lustyk, Grzegorz Michałek, Martha Mulawa, Tomasz Sętowski, Wojciech Siudmak, Artur Szołdra, Krzesimir Wiater, Adam Wyspianski, Aleksandra Zając.
The exhibition is open until December, 7 days a week.
On over 1500m2 of historic interiors of the Malthouse, 20 Creators, over 200 spatial objects. 
The evening was graced with a musical performance by Kupiński Guitar Duo Ewa Jabłczyńska and Dariusz Kupiński.
Curator of the Exhibition Manufaktura Rzeźby 2021 Katarzyna Korus.
The artist's works are arranged in an open space - the project "Flags of Lady Flags, which invite you to the gallery with their good emotion and a soft sculpture entitled "Unity" on the first floor.

Assembly of works. Sculpture Manufactory 2021

09.10 – 10.12.2021, Tichauer Art Gallery, Tychy

Preparations for the exhibition. Some shots from the assembly.

We invite you on October 9 at 18.00 Art Gallery Tichauer.

We cordially invite you.

SCULPTURE MANUFACTURE. Collective exhibition

09.10 – 10.12.2021, Tichauer Art Gallery, Tychy

On October 9 at 6.00 pm in Tychy's Tichauer Art Gallery in Tychy there will be a vernissage, which will start a two-month artistic project - Manufaktura Rzeźby.

At this collective exhibition you will be able to see the spatial works of many great artists such as: Salvador Dali, Tomasz Sętowski, Wojciech Siudmak, Adam Wyspiański, Martha Mulawa, Artur Szołdra, Anna Flaga, Grzegorz Michałek, Bogusław Lustyk, Dobiesław Gała, Joanna Knapek, Andrzej Dromert , Krzesimir Wiater, Aleksandra Zając, Agnieszka Lipka.

The exhibition will be presented in the space covering over 1000 m2 of the historic brewhouse of the Civic Brewery in Tychy, both inside and in the courtyard.

An interesting feature of the event will be the presentation of Anna Flaga's happening entitled "Flags of Mrs. Flags" - flags that are large paintings on fabric, placed on 6-meter masts.

The exhibition will also include Anna Flaga's work entitled "Unity"

The spatial installation is the artist's statement on male-female relations. The molds are made of a material filled with a soft insert. The layout of the installation forms was created so that they could change in relation to each other and create different configurations. The installation is a symbol of social behavior, the spiritual sphere of man, as well as the interpretation of physicality, sensitivity, dependence, emotional ties, as well as similarities and differences.

We cordially invite you.


Cultural Award of the Mayor of Żory

On September 24 in Żory, a ceremonial gala of awarding the city's prestigious "Phoenix Sariensis" awards took place.

I am pleased to announce that I am the winner of this year's cultural award of the Mayor of Żory in the category  "Artistic creation".

The following were nominated for the award in the artistic creation category: Gabriela Becla and Zbigniew Tomecki duo, Przemysław Karbowski, Anna Flaga and the band SĄSTĄD.

Every year, the award is granted to institutions, organizations, associations, companies and people who are particularly meritorious for the city of Żory or stand out in its promotion in the country or abroad, as well as supporting activities in the field of education and training, sports, ecology, culture and art, social welfare and health protection, supporting the disabled, organizing free time for children and youth.

NEGATIVE/POSITIVE painting exhibition

22.09 - 20.10. 2021
Wilson Shaft Gallery

On 22 September, the Wilson Shaft Gallery in Katowice hosted the opening of Anna Flaga's individual painting exhibition "Negative/Positive".
The exhibition presents two painting cycles from the artist's output: "Sins of Humanity" and "Antidotum".
These cycles are completely opposite and diversified both thematically and artistically, which shows the artist's creative diversity.
Deliberately different series were presented at one exhibition, creating a contrasting Negative/Positive.
The function of the titular Negative is performed by the painting cycle "The Sins of Humanity", whose subject matter focuses on the dark side of human nature. These paintings are a specific response to the problems of sin and human degeneration, to which the artist does not remain indifferent. The works are characterized by strong brushstrokes, expression and hidden symbolism - they are expressive, dark and make you think.
The second series of the exhibition is "Antidotum" - as the title Positive, it reflects the joy of life and gives hope, it was created during the difficult time of the pandemic, it became the artist's self-purification and a look at a better tomorrow.
The large-format abstract paintings that make up the "Antidotum" series are an expressive play of spots, lines and structures - spatial, geometric and saturated with colors - they introduce you to the world of positive energy.
The exhibition can be seen until October 20.

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